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Finding things is sometimes messy. From years of cooking passion, we decided to create Allkitchenfind for being helpful shopping lists of things in the kitchen.

Know what we do, our rating system, and FAQ.
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How We Pick

There’re tons of players in any consumer products. As said, our picks are chosen based on these main criteria: cooking performance, quality and craft, ease of uses, value and design.

As reliable references, we primarily used the test results from recognized experts and some experiment tests, which includes Cook’s Illustrated, Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, Fine Cooking and Serious Eat. We also heard some critics and compliments from related communities, like Chow and Chef’s Talk. Moreover, we gained real-life experiences of product users from retailers, like Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy. Our experience and impression on products are filled in, as well.

What Are Reliable Resources?

Our resources and references are segmented in 4 levels, which are
  1. Official levels or equivalents. These’re rare but we trust the most. We highly concern on their declarations and reports, such as food safety issues from FDA. Moreover, some may be found in recalls and defective warnings.
  2. Professional test centers. We pay vastly attention on empirical testing of various models from professional testers. The examples are Cook’s Illustrated (by America’s Test Kitchens) and Consumer Reports. Some less reliable testers, such as Good Housekeeping, are taken into account, but in carefully hearing.
  3. Authorized experts or reliable contents. The sources from food experts or sous-chefs are rationally listened. These are found in experiments or testimonials, such as products testing in SeriousEat, Epicurious, Bon Appétit and thekitchn. Also, some helpful reviews from skilled home chefs are includes, Stephanie O’Dea from A Year of Slow Cooking, Laura Pazzaglia from Hip Pressure Cooker.
  4. Real user reviews. As known, the real users know the truth. So, we check all-around opinions in top-rated communities, such as Chowhound, Chef’s Talk and some reliable forums. Besides, other real consumer reviews from retailers, such as, and, are included.
In any case, we separates how dependable into 2 parts:
  • The authority of the sources of information.
  • The reliable of the information, reviews or tests.
The reason behind is that it’s possible that webs with high reliability may did unsatisfactory tests.

How We Evaluate and Rate

Our rating system evaluates by using the following questions as the main concept:
  • How good of this product?
  • Is it worth for buying?
  • If it’s worth, then best for whom?
See our review and rating declaration for knowing how we evaluate and rate products.

How about affiliate links? Doesn’t it make conflict of interest?

We do have affiliate links. However, we firmly intend to create trustful contents with no hidden benefit. Also, we’re not linked in any of financial rewards or special benefits from companies or advertisers.

Why put affiliate links? First, we don’t deny the fact that we have cost of operation and we will not deceive our readers. The affiliate link is just a channel to purchase, but the decision is fully yours. Say, if you think the suggested product, shop or price isn’t satisfied, you have the full right not to buy. Second, the affiliate link makes convenience, as directly go to trusted sellers without wasting time for searching later.

How often do you update your reports

There is no exact timetable. It mostly depends on information. As soon as new information comes in, the update goes on. As we target for good work, we won’t too rush. If there’re new interesting arrivals, they’re to review and consider that they should be filled in the best lists or not.

How can contact us?

Please email us, if you have any questions or something to tell.